Glam Outfit Ideas for a Las Vegas Themed Party

If you’re throwing a Las Vegas themed party, or even if you’re attending one, you’re going to want to look the part. While many movies and TV shows depict Vegas to be full of trashy outsiders stumbling through the desert to the promised land, in actual fact, it couldn’t be more different. Most Vegas casinos adhere to a strict dress code that oozes glamor and sophistication. If you’re attending a glamorous, Vegas-themed party, you should wear the same. Here are some ideas for the boys and the girls!




With men, it’s relatively easy. You can only actually wear one thing; a tuxedo. However, there are some things you should consider about your tuxedo. First of all, make sure that it isn’t ill-fitting. A tux can change the way a man is viewed and if you’re in an ill-fitting suit- well, it’s not going to look good on you or for you! Secondly, make sure your shoes match your tux. Don’t wear a black tux with brown shoes or anything disastrous like that. In addition to this, you should opt for shiny shoes that have been cleaned to within an inch of their life, so they look out-of-the-box fresh!


The hardest part for men is deciding on a tie or a bow tie. If you’re going for a more casual suit, a long tie is acceptable. However, if you’re wearing a formal tuxedo, always go for a bow tie. Black is the safest color option, but if you’re feeling braver, opt for a color such as dark purple, baby blue or a very light pink. These all look smart while bringing a splash of color to your outfit. Never go for ‘funny’ ties or garish patterns.




Women have so many options when it comes to casinos. However, one style rule to adhere to is this; choose your legs or your chest. Don’t go for both! If you’re wearing a short dress that shows off your great pins, pick a Bardot style dress that sits nicely across your shoulders, a halterneck or a high-necked dress. If you’re opting for a dress with a plunging neckline, don’t have it sitting any shorter than your knees. Some great looks include bodycon midi dresses in bold colors such as red, purple and black or flowing fishtail dresses.


Accessories are a must for glamming up your Vegas party outfit. Gold can look a little cheap so choose this with caution. Silver connotes luxury and glamor and is naturally the more popular option. Try not to go overboard with the jewelry. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, play down the rings and earrings. If you’re wearing statement rings, play it down on the bracelets and necklace.


Shoes should always be heels- always. No exceptions. How high they are is completely up to you, but don’t turn up wearing ballet pumps or flip flops- in a Vegas casino you’d be turned away, so treat it as though you’d be turned away from this party too!