Outfit Ideas for Hitting the Casino

When visiting a number of casinos, you’ll find that they all expect you to adhere to their own dress codes. Some will be more laid back about what you wear, while others will have high expectations on how you must look before you enter the casino. However, there’s generally a running theme that people stick with, so here are some general outfit ideas if you’re hitting up a casino.




A suit. The obvious option for men is a suit, either a general suit or a formal tuxedo. If you’re opting for a tux, keep it simple; black and white all over with a bow tie. If you’re going for a more casual suit, you might want to experiment with different colors; a navy suit with brown shoes, for example, or perhaps a light pink tie with a black suit and a white shirt. Coordination is key here.


Shirt and Chinos. If the casino is a little more laid back, a plain colored shirt without a tie and some chinos or smart trousers may suffice. Keep with the stylish shoes too; absolutely no trainers will be accepted in any kind of casino!




Midi dress. A classic midi dress with some elegant straps, or even long sleeves, works well every time. It doesn’t show too much skin but leaves women looking glamorous yet remaining classy- no nightclub outfits allowed in Vegas casinos! Pair with some stiletto heels and statement earrings to complete the look.


The Jumpsuit. Something a little bit different to a dress is a jumpsuit. When they’re cut right and fit well, jumpsuits can look very glamorous. Go for black with some metallic heels and statement jewelry, or red, with some white heels and a red lip look that will really wow people!


Maxi dress. Long flowing dresses are very popular, but make sure they don’t have too much of a trail, or you’ll be getting in people’s way, which can be irritating! Go for strapless or spaghetti straps for the most glamorous kind of look, and go for plain colors rather than patterns. Floral patterns especially are a bit of a no go!