Pay With BitCoins for Online Casino Gaming

Online casinos have not always had the best reputations. Many gamers have felt a little ill at ease using their banking information for online casino gaming. Thanks to new digital currency there’s no longer a need to use sensitive information online. Digital currency has safe, secure, and anonymous options that allow users to deposit or withdraw their funds online. Online casinos such a Vera John now accept BitCoins as payment and allow users to withdraw funds directly to their BitCoin wallet. This makes it safer, more secure, and more convenient than ever to play hot casino games online.

Users simply need to sign up for a new account and make a deposit with by either scanning a QR code, or providing their BitCoin wallet information. A BitCoin wallet works just like a debit or credit card, but users can transfer funds without providing sensitive information such as a bank account number or card information. Transactions can be made by using a mobile device or by providing information manually. In either case the user can avoid the risks associated with some other casinos.

When users sign up for a new account they not only get the benefit of a safe and secure way to make transactions, they also get a bonus for depositing funds in their new account. When users deposit funds they will be automatically converted to the local currency, whether it’s Euros, dollars, or Pounds. Once the user withdraws the funds they are automatically converted for deposit back in their BitCoin wallet. This means that online casino gamers have the safest and most convenient form of payment available for their online gaming sessions.