Bitcoin as Currency

gty_bitcoin_mi_130322_wgBitcoin is commonly referred to as a crypto currency. This puts it in a category with several other projects that are attempting to achieve similar goals. The basic idea is to use cryptography, or what basically amounts to very complicated mathematics, to allow people to control the use of their funds. This makes it possible for someone to maintain control of their share without having to rely on putting their name on an account or having some kind of centralized authority keeping track of what they owe. When it comes to other situations, though, you should keep in mind that what counts as a currency can be difficult to untangle.

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The Basics of Bitcoins

bitcoin-explainer-master675One of the largest problems with traditional currency is its reliance on the health of the government which produces it. Civil wars, recessions and political upheavals can reduce the power of any type of money. The value can change multiple times a day and dealing with exchange rates in an international marketplace makes it even more confusing and frustrating.

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Pay With BitCoins for Online Casino Gaming

Online casinos have not always had the best reputations. Many gamers have felt a little ill at ease using their banking information for online casino gaming. Thanks to new digital currency there’s no longer a need to use sensitive information online. Digital currency has safe, secure, and anonymous options that allow users to deposit or withdraw their funds online. Online casinos such a Vera John now accept BitCoins as payment and allow users to withdraw funds directly to their BitCoin wallet. This makes it safer, more secure, and more convenient than ever to play hot casino games online.

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