Top Party Theme Ideas

Have you got a special occasion coming up that you need to throw a party for? Everyone knows that a themed party is the best kind of party- you get to have fun with costumes, decorations, themed music and food, and let’s not forget the brilliant photo opportunities either! Here are some of the best party theme ideas.

Black and White

Black and White as a party theme is an oldie but goodie. Everyone picks which color they want to wear- black or white- and everything in the venue is black and white too. Sometimes, people choose to use some silver props to stand out, such as candle holders and cutlery. Food can be a little trickier for this theme, but as a classic and elegant dress code, the food should match. Think canapes and cocktails!

The 1920’s/Great Gatsby

A Great Gatsby themed party (or a 1920’s themed party if you want to make the theme a little more broad) is always a lot of fun! There are some great music options of course, with a selection of 20’s music or even the soundtrack from the Great Gatsby movies. Girls will have a lot of fun dressing up in fancy frocks while men can look a little more dapper than usual in a suit and tie!

Gambling Night

A Las Vegas-themed, casino-style party never fails to make for a good evening! The dress code for a party with this theme must be pretty strict- girls must go all out to look glam and men must be in tuxedos! There are brilliant entertainment opportunities, from live music to all the various casino games you can set up. You can also get creative when it comes to the food. Finger food is a must, but there are some great ways you can adapt basic canapes to a casino theme, such as roulette wheel mini pizzas!

Alphabet Party

A more unique kind of theme is an alphabet theme! This can be done in a few different ways; people can either take the first letter of their first name and dress up as something that begins with this letter (a lady called Becky could be a ballerina) or you can assign people letters with their invites! Your party soundtrack should include a range of artists in alphabetical order, starting with the Adeles and the A-Ha’s and ending up with the Zutons and Zayn Malik.


Release your inner child by hosting a Disney themed party! Again, this can be done in one of two ways- assign people certain characters/films to choose characters from on their invites, or let them decide for themselves! However, if you let them decide, there may be some character clashes! Each area of your party venue can be dedicated to a different Disney movie, there’s plenty of Disney soundtracks to play for your guests and why not get a game of pin the tail on Simba going?